Save the Rainforests!

It’s been another productive week in Hawk Owl Class. The children have been working towards writing a persuasive text about saving the rainforest. They learnt about features such as superlatives, emotive language and rhetorical questions and used them to great effect to write their own persuasive pieces. They did a fantastic job and were very convincing – Greenpeace would be proud! In Art, the children continued to work towards their final collage piece by painting their rainforest animals using watercolour paints. In Maths, the children have been continuing their work on time, learning about a.m and p.m and the 24 hour clock. It would be great if you could practise getting the children to use an analogue clock to tell the time at home and perhaps challenge them to tell you what the time would be on the 24 hour clock. In R.E, the children have been learning all about Buddhism and are looking forward to finishing off the unit with the meditation session next week.



Cricket Crazy

Our learning journey continued this week with the children getting a bird’s eye view of the rainforest, which they used to write a report about the human and physical features of these locations. In English, we have been looking at the features of persuasive writing and thinking about how they are different from those of a balanced argument. The work we have been doing this week will feed into our BIG WRITE, in which the children will be writing a persuasive piece about preserving our rainforests. In Maths, we have moved on to the topic of time, learning how to convert between days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds, as well as being able to tell the time to quarter past, quarter to and to five minutes. In Art, the children focused on sketching rainforest animals in preparation for making their rainforest collages. They first experimented with drawing specific parts of their chosen animal, including any patterns or textures they could see and then progressed to sketching their final picture ready to be painted next week. The end of the week was spent going cricket crazy. On Thursday afternoon, the children enjoyed their cricket session with Mr Nichols, during which they were practising their bowling skills ready for the Rapid Fire Cricket tournament on Friday. The class then finished off the day on Friday with a Chance to Shine cricket session delivered by a specialist coach. We can safely say that the children are now cricketing experts and we expect to see many of them showing off their skills at Lords in years to come!



Rainforest Rumblings.

We have had another exciting week in Hawk Owl class this week. The fun started on Monday with the Year Fours attending their first swimming lesson while the Year Threes took part in an Outdoor Adventure P.E lesson, practising team work and problem solving skills. In Maths, we have been continuing our work on money, adding amounts and subtracting to find change. In English, the children have furthered their understanding of balanced arguments, using the Great Kapok Tree book to find arguments against deforestation. The class then role played telling the man in the rainforest why he should not cut down the tree. Later in the week, the children found the key arguments in support of deforestation in a non-fiction text. They then used these arguments for and against to write their own balanced argument about the pros and cons of deforestation in our BIG WRITE.

As part of our Experience Outcome, the children have learnt about the location of different countries that have rainforests, as well as the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. In Art, the children were asked to create rainforest leaves to be used in a collage that will become the backgrounds for their green screen films. They learnt a new way of mixing paint colours to make different shades of green and then had a go at using the ‘sgraffito’ technique, which involves using the end of the paintbrush to scratch lines and textures into wet paint. In preparation for their films, the children also began creating a soundscape, using body percussion to mimic the sounds of rainfall. Next week, they will be experimenting with different instruments to recreate rainforest animal sounds.  It has been lovely to see the children working so hard this week and enjoying their journey through the rainforest!


New term, new teachers!

We have had a lovely time getting to know the children this week and introducing our new Experience Outcome based on Rainforests. The children had a chance to tell us what they already know about rainforests and to write questions about what they would like to find out. In English, we wrote descriptions of a picture from our book The Great Kapok Tree and then moved on to learning about the features of a balanced argument as well as planning and writing our own, answering the question ‘Should monkeys be kept as pets?’. In Art, the Year Threes used pictures from the book as inspiration for sketching leaves and mixing paint to create the colours of the rainforest. During this time the Year Fours enjoyed their Bikeability session during which they learnt how to check their bikes and manoeuvre safely. In Maths, we have been practising skills involving money, including adding amounts and writing them using a decimal point. We have also worked on converting pounds to pence and vice versa.  We are looking forward to continuing our work on rainforests next week and getting to know the children even better.


Egyptian Ceremonial Music

This week in Hawk Owl Class we have been working hard on our Egyptian Ceremonial Music Experience Outcome.  We started by creating a class composition in honour of Ra, God of the sun.   We began our composition by thinking about all the words we could use to describe the God.  We then put our ideas together to create a four-line chant.  We practiced chanting, while some of us kept a steady beat.  When we felt confident, we selected appropriate instruments for playing the beat and the rhythm of the chant. Finally we added a tuned ostinato using chime bars.  We used musical notation to help us remember the rhythm and keep the beat. We practiced our class composition in groups, thinking carefully about our instrument choices for each part.

Later in the week, we created our own composition honouring a god of our choice.  We repeated the process that we had gone through as a class to come up with a unique piece of ceremonial music in our groups. We then performed each composition to the class.


Operation Complete!

The children in Hawk Owl Class have been working very hard over the last half-term, designing and making their Egyptian Operation Games and are thrilled that they are finally complete and ready to bring home to share with their families.

The electronic games incorporated a circuit with a switch, which when pressed, sets off a buzzer or a bulb.   The object of the game is to try to remove an organ from the mummy’s body without compressing the switch and setting off the buzzer  or lighting up the bulb.

The children worked hard to ensure that their game boards looked as professional as possible and that their circuit was set up to ensure a fun and entertaining game for all.  We even wrote our own leaflet of rules and instructions how to play the game, including Set Up details, The Object of the Game, Winning the Game and, most importantly, warnings for safe play and storage.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed making their games and have, not only learnt a huge amount about electrical circuits, but have developed their design and technology skills as well as overcoming practical problems along the way.  We hope you enjoy playing the games at home.  Please remember to ensure that the batteries are disconnected when the game is not in use.

Today we said goodbye to Miss Bond, who has taught us brilliantly throughout the term.  We would all like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to Miss Bond for all her hard work in planning fun and interesting lessons.  We look forward to welcoming Mrs Jarmain and Mrs Barraclough at the start of next term.

Descriptive Writing

Hawk Owl Class have been developing their descriptive writing this week.  We have been exploring different ways of describing the scene and creating the mood at the start of a story.   Through our guided writing session, we used a range of techniques to improve our descriptive sentences and then had a go at writing our own.  Miss Bond was so pleased with our work that she wrote us a special note on the board.

We have also been using descriptive language and literary devices to to plan new monster characters which will be used to replace the ‘servant girls’ when we write our own version of ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ story.