Hawk Owl Class prepare for the Fair

Last week, the children engaged in making Christmas crackers and jars for the fair. They have made lots of wonderful Christmas tree decorations that they can take home for your own trees. They have also been working on news reports for their volcanoes and finished up on their expanded decomposition for subtraction. In PE they had tag rugby on the pitch and will continue with their volcano dance. They have also had their end of term assessment in reading and maths. Well done Hawk Owl Class for all their hard work this term.

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Hawk Owl Class this week..

The children have continued learning about volcanoes and volcanoes. They made a seismograph that measures earthquakes on the Richter scale. They have enjoyed problem solving skills and team work to make this. In maths, they have learned more about column subtraction and exchanging. In English, we have continued working on story writing and how to up-level our work using a thesaurus. Science has been hands- on with rocks, working out how permeable they are and introducing the children to density. PE has been tag rugby and volcano dances. Here are some pictures from our week. (Again, if there are any jars you are recycling please let us know) Lastly, well done

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to Evanthe and Scarlet who attended their ballet exams today.

Hawk Owl Class

In Hawk Owl Class the children used grid method multiplication. They broke down tens and ones and used this to multiply the numbers. They made newspaper fireworks and used this to write instructions on how to make it. The children have also enjoyed reading The Firework Maker’s Daughter and have made a story plan using pictures. In PE they have enjoyed tag rugby. Home work is in the books. Can the children practice a timetable they are unsure of please. Spellings for Year 4: fasten, fastened, limit, limited, begin. Year 3: brave, bravest, braver, hope, hopeful.

Can we have your recycling for challenge time please and any glass jars you are recycling.

Our week in Hawk Owl

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This week we have worked with fractions. They divided cake into pieces and learned how to write this as a fraction. They successfully ate the cake after this lesson. We have added fractions with the same denominator and solved word problems. Today, we collected data (colors of eyes in the class) and recorded this information as a graph. In English, we are reading ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. Using this book we are writing character descriptions and plan to write our own version of the story next week. In Topic, we have learned about volcanoes, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides. We will be making our own seismograph next week (used to measure earthquakes), so if you have any small plastic bottles, please take them in.The children have also engaged in yoga, tag rugby, French and challenge time!Homework: Math activities are based on class work that they have done this week. Find facts for 8 x tables. Spellings for year 3 is : different, often, natural, minute, notice. Year 4: they, touch, machine, garden, gardening.

We are collecting glass jars for the Christmas Bazaar, can we have any you may be recycling? Thank you.

Hawk Owl get into Challenge Time

Hawk Owl have began their group projects in Challenge time. They have planned their project with focus on a specific skill. Using their plan, they have started making music, scripting news reports and making 3D models of a natural disaster. After this, they have evaluated their progress at the end of the lesson. They have assessed their own learning and whether they are developing their skills in their chosen project. Here are some pictures of today’s work.

Also, the children have been given letters with rockstar maths information on it. They have set up their avatar in today’s maths lesson and got introduced to the math games online. Homework is stuck into their books with a particular focus on linking multiplication knowledge with division. Can the children make sure they bring in their reading records everyday please as we need them for guided reading. Have a nice weekend 🙂

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Update on Hawk Owl Class

Year 3 & 4 have been getting back to work learning about ‘Natural Disasters’. Our topic will venture into geography mapping, choreographing their own volcano dance and constructing their very own volcano. They will use this to film a documentary on volcano eruptions and record their findings. The children have settled back after the half term and are practising times tables using Rockstar maths. The children will receive their own log in details to develop their very own avatar and challenge themselves at home. This week in English the children have been performing Shape poetry and exploring poetic devices. In Maths, the children have been drawing bar models to solve multiplication and division questions. The children have also drawn some great diagrams of the earth and its structure and have learned lots of geographical language.

Today the children had their dodgeball tournament and won. Well done Hawk Owl 🙂 Thank you to all the parents who helped us today.

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Viking Trip at the Royal Gunpowder Mills

Hawk Owl Class have enjoyed their trip this week to the Gunpowder Mills. It featured many Viking activities such as brooch making, long ship building and even a Viking quest. Some of the children even got to dress up as Viking workers and warriors. However, the children were already in costume and impressed all the staff who greeted us there. (Thank you parents) The children have also enjoyed the multi-skills sports day this morning involving hockey, football, rounders and agility activities. Maths will continue with multiplication and division and English continues with story writing. Next week we will be getting ready for our Harvest breakfast morning and look forward to seeing you there. Thank you very much to all the parents for helping us on the Viking trip and on our multi-skills trip this morning. Here are some pictures from this week.

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